ONE quote? About YOU? Seriously? Um...okay, how about this:

“I’d die without you.”

Will that work?
— Calvin Ulery, Marketing Director

I’ve been a senior communication professional for small businesses and technology companies for over 20 years. With the single exception of poetry: I can write anything else. (You'll have to go elsewhere for your custom poetry needs.) Hit me up for a more detailed bio and recent links.

I am a seasoned and trusted expert in all forms of content marketing and content strategy. I also make an excellent marketing right-hand for a resource-challenged marketing team that needs flexibility and fast execution. Trust me to manage and execute:

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Content Management and Content Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy and Management

  • Slide Decks

  • Design Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Anything and everything related to business language

If you're a an entrepreneur, small business of any stripe, or early-phase startup that has met a proof-of-concept threshold: I can handle all of your creative, copywriting, and digital marketing needs.   

Click here to contact me and schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how my content and content-related marketing strategies can help you and your company today.